We all know Amazon, right? First of all, let us have a brief introduction, considering those who have never heard of it before.

It is an American multinational and the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace.

Initially, it was a marketplace particularly for books but, later it expanded to sell a variety of products such as apparel, electronics, furniture and so on.

To sum up, it is basically an online store where people shop easily in the comfort of their homes.

Therefore, it is an easy way to spend money.

What about considering it in another way:

Making Money.

The e-commerce wave is just starting, how about making some profit from it?

Amazon offers a variety of programs that allow people to make money from.

In this post, I will cover:





The Associates Program is one of the biggest services on the net. For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is:

Affiliate marketing is promoting products that are not yours. So, what do I gain from that?

If people end up eventually buying the products, thanks to your marketing skills, then you will earn a commission on each sell. Amazing right?

So, how do I start?

Simply, by joining an AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

ASSOCIATES PROGRAM is one of those programs, and the most well-known.

How to start?

Amazon associates
Amazon associates Program

Create an account or Sign-In if you already have an account.

Amazon account

You will receive immediate approval.

Choose the right products to advertise to your customers based on your niche.

Place affiliate links on your website or blog or a social platform.

You get a commission anytime someone makes a purchase through your link.

So, I can’t join the Program without a huge following?

Having a large following will help you get more sells.

As a result, you will earn more money.
What if you don’t have that huge following?

But, even if you don’t have a huge following you CAN still join Associates Program.

Joining the program is easy. Making money from it is not.

So, what can I do to start making money from the program?

Here are some steps to follow,before joining the program:

Select a niche.

Build an audience.

   You can build an audience through a social network such as Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, or a blog / website audience. (Both of them are still working!)

What if I don’t want to make a website or a blog, can I still become an Amazon Affiliate?

Of course, you can!

The solution is: YouTube!

There are several ways to promote products on YouTube, the easiest one is:

Making reviews about a product.

Adding the affiliate link in the description bar.

Again, if someone made a purchase through your link you will get a commission from Amazon.

Now let’s move to the other method.


FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, it’s a service available for sellers and the most popular way to make money from Internet.

Simply put in few steps:

Store the products in fulfillment centers provided by Amazon.

They will pick, pack and ship the products, they will even provide the customer service.

FBA program

If you have noticed, they are literally doing the hard work for you.

You just have to provide them with your stock, they will look after it and ship it to your customers without you having to worry about returns or customer service.

(They are so good when it comes to customer service!)

There’s literally no difference between buying from an FBA seller or directly buying from Amazon, which make it a win-win situation for you and for them!

Does basing our business on FBA really profitable?

Let’s have a completely honest chat right here!

And, let’s go back to 2006, when Amazon first launched the program.

Many entrepreneurs ceased the opportunity and made tons of money selling on the platform.

Does it still work? 

Certainly, it is still working, and, it will still be working in the upcoming years. Just know that it’s not easy anymore.

It takes a lot of criteria to make money selling online:

Find Amazing products that will actually sell.

Always keep an eye on what the competitors on your niche are selling.

Be unique. Don’t copy what others are doing.

Understand the needs of potential customers on a deeper level.

Marketing your products effectively.

You can use several methods:

Amazon Influencers.

Amazon Associates.

What do I gain from using the FBA program?

Your products get the Prime badge.

2-3-day shipping.

Higher conversion rates.

Good chance of being seen on the product pages.

Amazon's service

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Seller accounts:

There are two types of accounts on Amazon:

-Individual account seller accounts: Have higher sales fees, but, free.

-Professional seller accounts: Have low sales fees, however, they cost 39,95 dollars for a monthly subscription.

Amazon fees:

For their services, Amazon, like all e-commerce platforms, take out fees after a sale has been made. They take about 15% on all sales for most categories. But, some categories like books and DVD’s, have an additional flat fee.

If your products don’t sell, and stay in Amazon Fulfillment centers for a long period, you will pay additional storage fees.

-FBA service take fees to cover up the shipping of your product.

(Don’t worry, those fees are actually a lot less regarding to doing all this work by yourself!)

So, what are waiting for? START NOW!


Merch  by Amazon

Let’s start by explaining:

What is Merch by Amazon?

How this Amazon service works?

How you can make profit from this service?

What’s Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon (MBA) is one of the most popular programs that Amazon has developed.

It is basically an on-demand t-shirt printing service.

Your mission as a seller is to start by creating t-shirt designs on Amazon for FREE, with no upfront costs and you will get paid when a customer buys the t-shirt you have designed.

How this Amazon service works and how to make profit from it?

You basically start by joining the Merch platform on Amazon.

Upload your design.

Choose colors.

Set a price.

Start making profit!

Here’s Merch by Amazon landing page, where you can apply now.

Merch Program

You will have to complete an application then start.

Request Invitation to join MBA

It can take from 2 to three weeks to get approved (sometimes less and sometimes more). So if you are really interested in joining the platform start NOW.

Once you are approved, you can start selling.

So what are the pros to selling on Amazon?

Amazon handles everything from production and manufacturing to logistics and customer services.

There’s no need to purchase large amount of stock, and find a place where to store it.

Picking, packing and shipping products are all services provided by Amazon.

MBA (Merch by Amazon) program charges you only when you sell and item, and pays you whatever is left over after its costs and fees. So your profit margin is relatively predictable.

So basically your primary concern will be to design outstanding items and unleash your creative potential in order to make items that actually sell and stand out of competition.

Tips you need to know before starting MBA:

Find a niche market.

Come up with new ideas.

Use well written-descriptions in your listings.

Master the use of Google Trends in order to know what keywords are trending on the Internet.

Keep an open eye on major events happening all around the world, it can be a great inspiration for one of your designs.

Promote your t-shirt designs by making posts on social media, or by using ads.


Like all businesses nowadays, Amazon focuses, above all, on engaging with influencers in order to promote their products.

But they do it quite differently than other companies.

The Influencer program is well organized and easy to join in.

Influencers from all over the world report making up to 1,500$ per month, which make it a great source of revenue.

Influencer Program by Amazon

It all started in 2017, when Amazon created the Influencer Program. In addition to their Affiliate Program ( and quite similar to it)!

The difference between those two programs is that anybody can join the Affiliate program. However, becoming a member of the Influencer Program is a little bit harder.

There are few requirements to meet in order to be accepted.

They take into consideration the numbers of followers, engagement on the posts. And you are accepted you can start by:

Creating a storefront:

You will get a custom URL page in order to use it to promote a lot of products from different niches. However, you will need to customize your store in the same way as you do for your social profiles in order to make it yours.

Share products:

Use the custom URL to guide your audience to your recommendations.

Get rewarded:

When one of your followers buys from your storefront, you earn money!


Deliver smiles with Amazon Flex

The luxury of one-day shipping, now it a new norm for Amazon for the 100 million prime members. Flex uses on-demand contract drivers in order to meet this intensive hand-delivery.

If you are:

Over 21 years old.

A driver license.

Auto insurance.

Midsize sedan.

A smartphone.

Then you can sign up for flex, and as a result become one of the drivers that deliver packages for the nation’s largest online retailer, paying a minimum of 18$ to 25$ per hour.

Amazon Flex

Flex is one of the few delivery jobs that will allow you to earn – even after accounting for gas – more than the minimum wage.


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