How to start a successful profitable blog easily?

 Is making a blog one of your 2020 goals? Does owning a blog feel like an overwhelming experience to you?

Looking for an easy step by step guide to follow?

You’ve come to the right place.

I am here to help you and guide you through this (hopefully) beautiful journey of yours!

What are you actually waiting for?

Grab your notebook and a pen and start taking notes.

And believe me, you can make your new blog look PROFESSIONAL.

“How much time do I actually need to make it look professional?”

That’s the question you might be asking yourself right now.

Are you reaaaaaaady?

Less than 24 Hours. Literally.

Amazing. Right?

Let’s not waste any more time and make another successful blog!

This time it will be YOURS.

First of all, I am a very organized person.

I tried to divide this article into small, easy baby steps to make it less overwhelming.


Starting a blog
  1. Things you need to consider before starting a blog.
  2. Starting:
  3. Choosing your blog’s name.
  4. Getting your blog online (web-hosting).
  5. Designing your WordPress pages.
  6. Writing your FIRST blog post.
  7. Content strategy.

So, those baby steps will guide you from the beginning of the process.

It means that I will show you what to do:

 BEFORE starting.


AFTER starting the blog.

Stay tuned to learn more!


There are few things you need to think of before starting a blog.

First of all, you should find your purpose.

Whatever it is.

Find it.

It is always easy to start.

But, you will need a solid purpose in order to to keep you motivated through the hard times.

Let’s just be honest here.

BLOGGING is not easy.

 It requires a LOT of hard work.


Hard work.

Find a purpose that will make you stick around and motivate you through the hard times.

  1. Whether you need money to pay off student loans.
  2. Striving to make a business online.
  3. Want make blogging as a side hustle.

Whatever it is, believe that it could happen. And make it happen.


Choosing the blog’s name:  

That’s a really crucial step out there. You need to take it as serious as it should be taken. I mean it’s like searching for your baby’s name. You don’t just name it whatever name comes first into your mind. No. That’s absurd.

You keep actually thinking about it days even months before its birth.

Same process to look up a name for your new baby: THE BLOG.

It can tell them about who you are, what are offering, what are you writing about. We all know the power of FIRST impressions. Make sure this FIRST impression is as good as it could be.

How to make such a BIG choice?

I suggest you to do one of those two things:

  1. Choose a name that resonate with what you are going to write about.
  2. Use your full name, in this way you create a certain personal bond with your readers.

Getting your blog online (web-hosting):

(This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you.)

Plenty of web hosting platforms are out there competing against each other.

Those platforms are:

Now from my own point of you, I recommend you to use Bluehost, it is seriously the best hosting platform on the net. it helps you launch your website in minutes.

Their package includes:

A free domain name:

The name of your website. (For example: mine is

Free SSL certificate:

It’s a proof that guarantee to Google that your website is secure, and that people can trust you with their money, and make purchases through your website.

What does it add to your website? The small lock that you see next to the website URL in the address bar.

Quick WordPress Installation:

This step is important, as it will make it easier for you to start your blog on WordPress.

This service is offered by Bluehost at a very cheap price.

Designing your blog:

After a wise purchase of the web-hosting. You can start the FUN part.

Which is: designing your blog. And what I actually mean by designing your blog is:

Creating branding material.

To give an identity to your blog you need to START branding your blog from the start.


You don’t want people coming to your blog and finding it empty (or ugly).

The branding material you will need are:


You can get a professional logo done in less than an hour on Fiverr for only 5$.

By the way, it’s a platform you can use to make money too. Find out more about this topic HERE.

A theme:

To get started you can select any of the WordPress free themes. Make sure that it’s responsive, and looks good both on computers and mobile devices.

You can use free theme to start with, but you will definitely need to upgrade your game once you start getting some money from your blog.

Writing your FIRST blog-post:

Now, let’s WRITE.

Believe me, having a nice beautiful blog is all great. Unfortunately, a beautiful blog is not what people are looking for. Readers want good quality content that they will actually help them. In brief I will give you an advice on how to write your first blog post.

What can you do to make people interested in your blog posts?

Help them solve problems. The more problems you solve; the more readers you will get. The more readers you will get, the more your income rises.

So start by solving problems! Use your own voice, and try to find your style of writing. Add a little bit of you in every blog post you write. Pour a little bit of yourself, your insights, your experience, your story. That’s what people really care about. That’s what they are willing to sacrifice their time in order to read.

And please don’t steal ideas, you may need a little boost of inspiration to begin writing. And believe me, we all need it. That’s not a thing to be ashamed of. Just Do it. Finally, when it’s your turn to create

Let it be as messy as it could be.

Creative writing is a process, mastering it takes time as any skill you want to develop so give yourself the time required in order to grow. Meanwhile, choose messy. As we always say better done than perfect. Then do it and you will figure out the how later.

Start a blog.

One the things I’m grateful for in my journey through blogging is stumbling upon Emily’s blog. She seriously gives the best pieces of advice about starting a blog from scratch. And I am still to this day living by her words.


Now that you have successfully created your blog. You will need to be consistent.

Above all, consistency is the key to blogging. And to anything in life in case you didn’t know. You need to schedule posts because you don’t want to forget about posting, until people think that you’ve actually gave up blogging. (that happens a lot if you are blogging part time, as I am doing)

What I do is that I try to write my blog posts on the weekend and try to publish them through the week. In that way, I keep my content fresh for the whole week by uploading 2 blog posts per week. Now this strategy may change and should change a lot during your journey, so you should make sure you update it whenever you feel like you need to do so. For example, when I am on holidays I try to upload as much blogposts as possible, or just try to do the writing part, so that I won’t run out of articles. That’s the way I do it, maybe for you it won’t be the same. Whatever it is find your own strategy.

And when you do stick to it.

Hope you will finally decide to start that blog. I am waiting for you to join me in that beautiful world, so that we can hopefully grow together.

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