How to easily Make Money on Pinterest

Make money on Pinterest? Seriously? How is that even possible?

It really is, stay tuned to know how.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, this new visual search engine is getting a lot of attention lately, and I guess that you already know why:

You can make money on Pinterest.

Pinterest is amazing, easy to use and you don’t need to be a marketing expert to actually make money on Pinterest and most importantly YOU ARE GOING to love it, since it will add a new steam of income to your life. Amazing right?

I love using Pinterest since it is really a flexible way to make money from, and you can START NOW.

But HOW?

The short answer is Affiliate Marketing.

ways to make money from Pinterest

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the core of this article.

Here’s how it works:

So as we mentioned before, Pinterest is a visual search engine. Users from all around the world search for inspiration and ideas through this platform, that’s why it’s important to create beautiful catchy pins so that people click through them. Each pin is an image with a link, that directs the person into another website. Yes, you guessed it right we will be implementing affiliate links into those catchy images.

What’s an affiliate link?

It’s obviously a link, your own special tracking link for a specific product, that you promote in order to get a commission for any sales at no extra cost for the customer.

When someone buys the product through your link, the seller gets notified and then, and you get a small commission.

There are so many ways to promote affiliate links and make sale from them. The most common way is obviously through blogging, but that’s not the point of our topic.

In this article we will focus on Pinterest:


Simply put: because it’s easy.

Pinterest is not a social network as everybody thinks of it, but it’s rather a search engine like Google or Bing.

And not like a normal search engine, it’s a visual one. Which is amazing for making sales. People usually go to Pinterest to look for inspiration, whether it’s home decor, apparel, jewelry or whatever.

In that way they are looking for new things to buy!

87% have bought something they have found on Pinterest, and 93% are planning their future purchases, so it’s a win-win situation out here, since it’s a lot easier to sell on Pinterest than in any other platform.

Another amazing thing about Pinterest is that your pins are never wasted. They stay forever. What I mean by that is if a pin gets a lot of shares, it will always keep on showing up on people’s feed. Isn’t that amazing?

You can get more and more sells without any additional effort from you.

So how can we make money on Pinterest kind of thing?

Beginners guide to making money on Pinterest with Affiliate Marketing:

Create a Pinterest account.

To get started you need a Pinterest account.

It’s good to start with a well-established account with some followers.

So I recommend you starting with your personal account.

Consider switching to a business account, you can do that to your personal account. It’s free and easy to do.

What’s special about a Pinterest business account is that it provides with some insight about your audience (see analytics), run ads and so on.

I personally use two Pinterest account, one business account for Grindersworld and another one is my personal one. You can use affiliate links on both of them if you’d like.

Pro tips:

If you create a brand new Pinterest account, you will have to do a bit of work before starting.

Make sure it doesn’t look empty, so start by making 10 to 15 boards on topics that interest you, and that you are intending to promote products in.

Start pinning a lot of pins (30 pins) TO EACH BOARD. Repining other people’s products will help you fill your profile.

Sign up with affiliate programs.

Not to get started with affiliate marketing, you will want to join some affiliate networks.

A lot of companies have affiliate programs; you can easily find them with a small google search:

“your favorite company + affiliate program”

 One of the most famous one is Amazon Associates. I know you THOUGHT about it. Yes, you know it.

Amazon associates



Amazon associates is very popular among bloggers.

But can you use it without running a blog? Now that’s a serious question that needs a debate upon.

After a lot of research, I come up with this conclusion that it’s seems OK to do that with EU/UK Amazon associates program but NOT OK with the US ones.

If you own a blog, then I will recommend you to stay on the safe side and don’t use Amazon affiliates link on Pinterest, because you risk losing your account. You can safely use them on your blog.

So what are other affiliate programs?

I am going to share with you two different amazing affiliate programs that you can join WITHOUT running a blog.

Magic Links:

You can begin promoting products from a range of categories (fashion, books, food and anything that you can think of) from Magic Links once you reach 100 followers on Pinterest, which is by the way so easy to do using the “follow-follow back” technique. If you already have a personal account, then you probably hit 100 followers. If your account is relatively new, then I suggest you spend some time building it before diving into the affiliate marketing thing.


  An amazing affiliate network that doesn’t require a blog. There are a lot of retailers inside, but unlike Magic Links you will have to apply to each retailer individually.

Start pinning your affiliate products.

Now that you’ve joined your favorite affiliate programs, you will start pinning your favorite products. You can either use images from the retailer’s website (If that’s allowed in the affiliate programs of course), if not you can edit pictures for free on Canva, to create catchy beautiful designs with text layering and beautiful colors. Remember your point is to attract customers, and catchy designs are definitely the way to go.

TIP: Make sure you are using the AFFILIATE LINK; I know that might be obvious for some of you. But for beginners it’s not really the case.

I can stress that enough, I repeat use your personal unique link. If you don’t do this then your efforts won’t really matter, since you will be promoting products but receiving no commission for your marketing strategy.

Write a good description for each pin:

Don’t forget that when you are pinning, you have a small space to fill up called “Tell everyone what your pin is about”. In this small space you will have to write a short detailed description about your object. Don’t forget that Pinterest is a search engine.

 And the key to driving traffic from search engine is?

Yes, you guessed it right!

Key words.

The kind of words that people search for.

Pinterest is already doing half of the work for you!

You can easily find Pinterest recommendations for the most searched keywords by looking at the suggestions that drop down when you do a Pinterest research for the main term.

They are shown in colored rectangles underneath the search bar.

If you click through one of those you will get even more keywords. Pinterest is amazing right?

Make sure your description includes your main keywords in hashtags, but also a disclosure such as #affiliate link or #ad. So that you don’t look spammy.

Pin a lot!

Pinterest is all about fresh update content, you will need to constantly be pinning if you want to get to the top of the search, and if you are consistent about it. It will easily be done.

Make sure you make Pinterest a daily habit, and I am not even kidding. Make some time through your day, even as little as 20 minutes per day.

I know that you might be thinking that if you re-pin other people’s pins you will lose customers because they might click on your competitors link and not yours. That’s not how it works on Pinterest. Pinterest is all about community, sharing is caring and all that kind of thing.

When you help others grow, you eventually grow. But what happens when you don’t? Then simply you won’t grow too.

How amazing is that?

Re-pinning other people’s pins, and especially the most popular ones keep your profile fresh, updated, and interesting for users and eventual followers.

And how does Pinterest reward those kind of profiles?

By making you popular too, so the more you re-pin popular pins the more other people will see your affiliate links too, and click through them, what a win-win situation out here!

So as I mentioned before if you want to make money on Pinterest then you will have to be consistent.

And by consistent I mean that you need to implement a Pinterest strategy.


Pin several times a day:

The Pinterest phone app is great for this and come in handy when you want to pin throughout the day.

Not every pin will make you money:

You have to keep experimenting with different visuals in order to see what works for you. Some pins just never get shared at all, some take a little a while to take off and other go viral. It takes time, always remember that.

Refresh your content:

You can’t just pin one thing and expect money to flow out of nowhere. You will have to share new affiliate pins everyday with different designs, and now you can expect some cash to come in!

Group boards:

You can join group boards; they offer you the opportunity to get in front of a bigger audience. This step might be crucial for beginners since they don’t have a lot of followers when they are just starting.

Rules to live by to master AFFILIATE MARKETING through Pinterest:

  1. A good keyword use: Write a great description using the right keywords.
  2. Re-pin other people’s stuff on a daily basis.
  3. Re-pin popular content.
  4. Be consistent (always!).
  5. But most importantly don’t give up, it will take a little bit of time for it to take off, and for you to gain some experience, but results will eventually show up if you don’t give up.

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