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Today’s topic is about affiliate sales, or how to make affiliate sales with less than 100 visitors coming to your website.

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to monetization, the number of visitors are a key factor to whatever way you are thinking of in order to make money online. Advertising for instance is only profitable when you get thousands of visitors daily. Affiliate marketing is also considered as a monetization method that needs a large audience. Indeed, with a large audience you can get A LOT of money from affiliation. That doesn’t mean you can’t get any affiliate sales from your little traffic.

So this is your beginners guide to making affiliate sales with little to no traffic.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is earning a small commission by promoting a product that you don’t own. Simply put, it’s the small amount of money you get from promoting other people’s products. Now there’s something to consider before starting to promote any products. You shouldn’t be promoting products that you don’t like. You might get some money right away but that’s a short term kind of goal. Aim to play with long lasting goals that can still be profitable in the future.

Ways to start affiliate marketing

You can start affiliate marketing by joining affiliate platforms. Basically nowadays almost every big company has an affiliate platform. You can easily find it. Let me show you how. Let’s take for instance Amazon. When you are looking for the affiliate program for Amazon, a simple google search “Amazon+affiliate” can do the work. You only have to join the platform, and now you are part of the team!

Keep in mind that there are two ways to do affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing with a blog.

Affiliate marketing without a blog.

But let’s keep it real here. Doing affiliate marketing without a blog can seriously be very profitable. It can be good side hustle. But the income potential of affiliate marketing when you own a blog is seriously so much higher.

Affiliate marketing without a blog

This is probably the easiest way to earn money through affiliate marketing. If you don’t feel like owning a blog. I mean you can still earn money through affiliation without a blog, so what’s the point in owning a blog you might ask yourself. Well, that’s somehow true especially if you are not into blogging. You won’t need a blog but you will need a social media platform to promote the products.

So social media platforms are going to be your playground.

You will have to implement those small steps to start you affiliate marketing game:

  • Start by joining affiliate platforms or connecting with brands and affiliate marketing companies.
  • Choose the suitable products for the kind of following you have.
  • Take the affiliate links (And I insist on that, because without the link you won’t get paid!)
  • Post on your social media.

Affiliate marketing with a blog

making affiliate sales through blogging

Looking at the bigger picture, blogging is a great way to grab the attention of more engaged people. Because when someone enters your blog, you are 100% sure that he didn’t land in your page by accident. He is really interested in learning more about what you are talking about. And that great interested reader can easily turn into a customer. He can also easily trust the affiliate products you are recommending.

Honestly speaking, I do affiliate marketing through blogging and I think it’s amazing. It’s a great opportunity to connect and share on a deeper level with your readers, you recommend great products that are going to make their lives easier in a certain way and you get a small commission in return, what an amazing win-win situation here!

So if you are interested in starting a blog I recommend you go reading my beginners guide to starting a profitable blog.

I’m not going to get into a lot of details on how to start a blog but I will just summarize the whole process into 4 simple steps:

Choose your blogging platform

Choosing your blogging platform is seriously a choice that should be done carefully. Especially because there’s a ton of blogging platforms that are not the same. So the blogging platform you choose should support the kind of blogging goals you have. For instance, there are blogging platforms that you can’t monetize which means that it’s absolutely impossible to turn your blogging effort into a business online. So choose carefully!

I’ve done a blogpost on this matter, make sure to check out the best blogging platforms for 2020.

Get your hosting

A reliable hosting is seriously one of the best investment you will ever do for your blog (and that will pay off in the long term don’t worry!)

You may really wonder at the moment, what a good hosting service for your blog has to do with earning through affiliate marketing? Let me answer this question right away: A LOT!

A blog is basically an online business when you are thinking about monetizing it. So starting an online business should be done right and built upon a series of small steps in the good direction. For instance, you can’t think about making money from your blog without thinking about being self-hosted, the free blogging platforms won’t allow you to monetize your blog so self-hosting is definitely a step to get done in the right way.

A good hosting company will help you provide the best experience for your customer, example improving your site speed (the ability of a site to load faster), keeping it from crashing and so on.

Bluehost is seriously one of the best hosting companies in the market. It provides the best experience both for you and for your readers, with the best possible prices on the Internet.

I highly recommend you to start with Bluehost. It is surely the best web hosting option for new bloggers. They offer the BEST pricing for a high quality service, with your hosting you will get:

  • A free domain name
  • A free SSL certificate to secure your website ( It’s used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins)
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Great support

Start writing blogposts

Start by writing quality content about your niche, related to the kind of products you will be promoting. High quality blogposts are seriously underrated but they are really a great way to convince people to purchase products through your links. By high quality blogposts I mean valuable content that will provide some insight and information to your audience.

Pro tip to becoming a better blogpost writing: At the end of any writing session you were having, ask yourself those questions and reflect upon them:

Did I help people solve the problem I suggested on the title of my blogpost?

Did I provide the right information that my readers were looking for?

Work on your affiliate marketing strategy

Now after your blog is running, your blogposts are ready. It’s the time to choose some affiliate platforms to join.

Don’t fall into the trap of joining hundreds of thousands affiliate programs, thinking that the more affiliate programs you join the higher your income will be. That’s false. Instead what you should be doing is creating your own strategy that will help you get those affiliate sales:

  1. Choose the product that is relevant to your audience it could be a digital product (course, service) or a physical one.
  2. Look for the affiliate program for those products.
  3. Stick to promoting 2 to 3 affiliate programs that have all the valuable products for your audience.

How to make affiliate sales with little traffic?

So I guess that waiting until you get thousands of page views is seriously the old method of blogging. Nowadays it’s possible to monetize your blog with little to no traffic.

First of all, you should study from where the traffic is coming: Google Analytics is a great tool that can help you achieve that.

Second step is to see which pages drives the most traffic: The pages that are the most viewed on your blog give you insight on the type of content that you should read, and the type of products that suits the content.

Long story short, once you finally understand what the type of content that your readers enjoy create more of it and include as many affiliate links as possible, while being completely honest and true.

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