First income report: How I earned 0 $ blogging for 4 months:

This is a reality check. A real beginner income report.

A true income report for those of you who want to know what the reality of a newbie blogger looks like. And how blogging for 4 months can be unprofitable.

While the blog income report are from people who started blogging for years ago, this one is mine after 4 months after launching it.

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So I started my blog back in December 2019. Now we are April 2020, which means that 4 months had already flown away without me getting a single dollar from blogging.

Am I mad? Definitely no.

Does this make me unmotivated? Big no.

Will I stop blogging? Never.

And now let me tell you the reason behind it.

Reasons why I am still motivated to blog

First of all, during those 4 months blogging although I didn’t do it full time. I had an amazing time coming up with ideas. Doing the necessary research. Working on my blogpost sometimes for days. Editing it. Making it look good and easy to read. Checking SEO. Looking for cute pictures to include.

The process. I loved it.

The creative process, it was all about it and that’s what 4 months of blogging has taught me.

I started blogging to hopefully make some money on the side to cover up college expenses. That was the reason I had in mind back then.

In 4 months of blogging, I finally discovered the enormous desire to create a business online. Help people achieve their dreams. And most importantly found joy in writing.

So now let’s go back in time and let’s hear the story behind this blog.

Story behind this blog

I am 19 years young.

Basically I am still a college student, with ton of school work to do and a busy schedule. Words like revisions, exams and deadlines are the only words that can describe my life. And basically the life of any college student who takes education in a serious way. Oh… and broke too. Being an architecture major has been a wonderful journey from broke to (wait a second let me search for a word that basically means broke on a deeper scale).

I guess you understand what I am saying. Architecture supplies, model making, printing and so on… That thing is really expensive. But don’t get me wrong I love architecture and I will always do.

When I heard that people could make money online, I thought that it was an amazing idea. I thought that it will be so easy for me to do it too. In order to help my parents, cover up all the expenses from my education. So I started learning LITERALLY ABOUT ANYTHING, I learned about every possible way to make money online. I learned the hard way that it was everything but easy, but oh how worth it.

Ways to make money online

  1. Freelancing
  2. Dropshipping on Ebay
  3. Selling on amazon
  4. Selling on shopify
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Blogging

I learned about every single one of them.

I had an idea in mind that I should focus on learning about all the domains. And choose the one that suits me. The one that I am of course qualified for.

I’ve suddenly remembered my love for words. And that’s when I finally made my choice based on that.

Reading, writing and journaling have always been a part of my life. A part that hold a piece of my heart. Basically anything that turns around words does.

So I decided to start freelancing as a content writer WITH NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE.

I really didn’t know what I was doing, but I had to do something. I had to see if making money from the Internet was a real thing. And I had to PROVE it to myself. I started as a freelancer on fiverr, the competition was huuuuuuge when I started. And it still is the case today.

A lot of well-established writers had already a huge list of customers. So it was really difficult to make it happen.

First success

But against all odds I did it. I had to write a 500 words article for 5 $. I know that for as little as 5$, the effort was not really worth it. And you are totally right. But I was somehow in a place where I didn’t believe for a second that making money from the Internet was possible. So even if I made 1$ it will still be a success for me.

The customer loved the quality of my work. I put all my heart and soul in it, so he kept coming back for more. And since the reviews he left me were all good. I started attracting more customers and made +100$ in a quick way. I was not consistent at all. So that was like a great side hustle for a student like me with a crazy busy schedule.


Income report

Even though I was freelancing, I never really stopped learning how to work and make money online. It suddenly become an obsession, a completely new approach to work that I felt in love with.

I’ve always knew that freelancing was not the end of my story, but rather it’s start. So I decided to challenge myself to think of what’s within reach.

After several months of hesitating, doubt they say kills more dreams than failure ever will. Hopefully, it didn’t kill mine. But it surely impacted them in a bad way. I’ve always felt like it wasn’t the right timing for starting a blog, a blog about something I loved reading about: Making money online.

I wasn’t ready for such a commitment. It wasn’t until a lot of months have flown away again, that I finally understood that the right timing is an illusion. A trap we create with our own minds and end up buried deeply in it.

So I finally decided to start. To start before I was ready. To start where I was. With fear, doubt, hands shaking, voice trembling. To start where I am with what I had, as imperfect as this start could be. I embraced it with its flaws. And today after dedicating 4 months for blogging. I have nothing back besides supportive comments from my readers, but I am grateful.

Grateful for learning to love the process of it all. And for sticking to it and committing to it even though I am not seeing results yet.

Income reports

I’ve always loved to read income reports. I think they give great value and inspiration. It is lovely to find bloggers opening up about personal topics. Giving insight about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making money blogging.

I love this kind of supportive vibes that I only get in the blogging business. And that’s the vibe I always try to attract in my life.

When I feel the most inspired I go to income reports. And I try to see how far a blogger can go. I love how hard work always pays off at the end, and I get this from reading income reports.

Unfortunately, income reports are a truly double edged sword. Sometimes they really inspire me. But sometimes seeing the big numbers, the six figures that a blogger makes in a single month seems so unreachable for me who is just starting. And I guess that’s the case for all the newbie bloggers out there. And I am here just trying to keep it as real as possible since day 1.

I decided to write income reports from day 1, as a way to:

Journal my way to success.

Never lose sight of how far I’ve come.

Celebrate the tiniest bit of my accomplishments.

Show my vulnerability.

This post is not meant to discourage you but rather the opposite.

I know that bloggers sometimes can start making money since maybe the first or second month of their blogging journey. That doesn’t mean that they are not honest with you or that they are lying.

But just know that you are not alone if that’s not your case. We all have different journeys, different approaches to blogging, different ways of learning how to do things. The fact that it took you longer than expected doesn’t mean you failed, but rather succeeded in your own pace. So learn to celebrate success at your own pace, and dare to fail.

And as Brené brown said:

 “Daring is saying I know I will eventually fail and I am still all in.”

Values I’ve learned from blogging so far

This short journey of blogging has already taught me a lot of great values such as:

Commitment and discipline

 I’ve gained a huge willingness to put into blogging my time and energy left from college pressure. I learned that when something is important to you, you should sacrifice yourself for it. So I sacrificed hours of sleep, rest, Netflix shows and replaced it with working, learning and creating. Don’t get wrong I am not here telling you to pull in all-nighters, since it’s bad for your health but just change your bad habit pattern into a healthier/ work-driven one, and see how much you will accomplish.

I’ve learned that commitment and discipline even though they are quite hard to acquire are definitely a form of self-love. The ability to ignore current pleasures for bigger rewards in the future, that hope is seriously everything. Loving yourself deep enough to know what you deserve and put in as much work as possible in order to make it your reality.


Blogging has been an escape from life. When I am writing, I completely lose sight of time and I immerse myself into the joy of creation. In those 4 months I expanded the horizons of my creativity and explored the depth of it in a way I hadn’t before.


Knowledge indeed is power. Learning is beautiful, it changes you, it makes you powerful. And blogging seriously helps you expand your mind.

Goals for April 2020

I’ve always loved goal-setting, it helps me progress in all areas of my life, and so I try to track down my goals on a monthly basis and now that’s the list that I’ve recently made.

  • Keep on learning.
  • Hopefully make some money, my target goal is 100$ for the month of April.
  • Create more valuable content.
  • Make progress on my blog and turn it into a profitable business.

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