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The world is having some serious problems. Corona-virus changed our lives quickly and in a way no one expected, it not only affected people’s health, the economy, the work flow, but also our daily lives.

At this point, we don’t know what tomorrow is hiding for us. But we all should be well prepared for what’s next.

The harsh reality is that this pandemic has deprived a lot of families from their only revenue source. In China, for instance, the unemployment rate jumped to 6.2 in February, how crazy is that?

Why you should start working on your business idea?

As a financial blog, I truly think that my job is to sensitize people during this economic crisis, and help them go through this difficult times, share with you tips and tricks to make some money on the side from your own business idea, because I can’t stress that enough, nowadays having multiple streams of income is actually the only way to survive the ups and downs of the economy. You shouldn’t be relying on just one source of income, because it can easily fade away. And you are probably aware of that at the moment.


One of the most disgusting things I’ve seen nowadays, is people exploiting fear to sell and make profit. And let me just tell you that is against the values of entrepreneurship, wrong and completely short-sighted. It’s not the point from this article.

This article is about taking this time as opportunity to spread positive vibes rather than fear, build a solid business idea that promote good values rather than spread fear among the world. Business after all, just like anything in life, is a matter of perspective.

This blogpost is written with positives vibes that I genuinely want to spread to my readers from all around the world and a little guide to start a business as a way to occupy yourself during the chaos.


This business idea that you’ve always day dreamed about, the blog you’ve always wanted to start but you didn’t because you had a million excuses of why it’s not the right time to do it.

Whatever you wanted to do, go and do it now. Let’s just stay positive and hope for the best, let’s just envision this as a break for mother earth, and keep on being positive during those though times.

Staying at home is frustrating, especially when you have nothing to do. It’s really not easy. So occupying yourself is a must in order not to fall behind in life. For me I chose to work during this period on things that spark joy in my life aka my blog.

So I will try to learn more, create more content and do what I basically love doing. I hope you do the same too.

Now let’s talk business ideas.

Business ideas you can start from the comfort of your home NOW.

(This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of my links, I may receive a commission or credit at no additional cost to you.)


Now blogging is the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life. Seriously I am not even kidding. I feel so fulfilled when I work on my blog, and that’s because I’ve always had this idea that I will eventually turn my blog one day into a profitable successful business. So if you are like me and you love to share thoughts, ideas, information, then blogging can be the best business idea for you.

If you want to start a blog, I recommend you to start NOW. And do to do it right make sure to check my guide to start a profitable blog, and use Bluehost as a web hosting platform, it will seriously make your blogging launch a lot easier, and a lot cheaper. So definitely go check their amazing prices and services.


I guess freelancing is quite popular, and I think this is the greatest time to start freelancing. Freelancing offers you the possibility to work from home with a flexible schedule, build a solid list of clients and then scale your freelancing game into an online business. This is probably one of the easiest online business ideas that you can start after you finish reading that blogpost.

Online retailing

The second business idea is about online retailing, there’s a lot of ideas to do online retailing, I am going to provide you with the best ones so far, and also the easiest:

Affiliate marketing

Your income is basically the small commissions you get after someone purchase a product or service through your link.

E commerce site

Online store you can create and start selling your products in it like shopify and etsy. Etsy is great since you can sell handmade crafts in it.

eBay and Craigslist

For selling used items like books and clothes and so on.


Is when you sell products that are not yours, with a higher price. Which means that you earn the difference between the products initial price and the price you’ve

Social media specialist

The whole world is on social media, a double edged sword that can be both considerate as a blessing and a curse. Let it be a blessing for you. Use social media to your own advantage, instead of always keeping on receiving negative vibes from the all platforms, why don’t you focus on the other side of it? The business side of it. Nowadays, businesses need to build a presence online. Social media boosts businesses growth in an exponential way. So the market for social media experts is huge, and it will remain the like that for the upcoming years.

So how can you start a business as a social media specialist? You can’t call yourself a specialist in something if you don’t have the experience in that matter, so start by building an online audience for yourself, brand yourself. Prove to organizations why they should hire you to do their social media management for them. I mean if you can’t do that for yourself, how are you supposed to make the job done for them?

I know that this is the most challenging time to work on a business idea, with all the things that are happening around the world. Even staying positive becomes challenging. But also this is the greatest time to build mindset, think of a business idea, find a plan or a lot of plans, for when things are not going well change the plan but never the goal and start executing.

The path of entrepreneurship begins with a single step and can lead you to a journey of a thousands miles.

But it’s a hard journey, that requires a strong mindset, that can stop you whenever you think of quitting. You can train your brain by reading every day, writing down your goals, getting out of your comfort zone, exercising, keeping a journal or listening to motivational speakers. And while you train your brain, think of a business idea, and start working on it as soon as possible. Because one year from now, you will be so glad you started today.

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