Blogging tools: What you need in order to build a profitable blog?

Today we are going to talk about the resources you need in order to make your blog a profitable one. If you haven’t started your blog yet or you’re still a beginner in the amazing world of blogging, this blogpost is for you. I will (hopefully) help you get all the tools and resources you will need in order to feel, look and be a pro-blogger since day one. Ready?

Let’s dive in!

So first of all if you think about blogging as a business, and you want to start the right way. It’s better to treat yourself like a pro since day one and organize a small office in your house. It could be from a little corner in your bedroom to literally a whole office room in your house.

I gathered up a non-exhaustive list of all the things you will need to create a perfect little office in your house. In order to push your productivity to its full potential.

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Office furniture

A desk

You can get a good quality desk on Amazon for a really good price. I love this desk from Amazon that gives you this minimalist kind of vibe in your office.

Going for minimalist vibes helps limit distraction and keeps you focused for a long period of time.

This desk has a compact design which means that you can easily find a small place for it in your house.

It also has storage which is helpful to keep your space tidy and clean.


For blogging you will definitely need a laptop. Also laptops will highly depend on your budget. The one I am using and which I am loving is the ASUS Vivobook, it’s a little bit expensive but it’s a good deal if you want to use software’s to do video editing.


If you want take your blogging biz to the next level, you will surely need to invest in a camera to take professional pictures to include in your blogposts. Obviously, you don’t have to do that if you are just starting with a low budget, but it’s something to consider in the future in order to upgrade your blogging business.

Note: if you are blogging about photography, cooking or whatever niche that requires high quality visuals than maybe you should invest in a good quality camera, and trust me a soon as you will start making money from your blog you will be glad you made that first investment.

I’ve done my fair share of research to find that one of the best camera for bloggers is Canon G7 X Mark III . It is a great lightweight camera that is perfect for travel, leisure but also work. The LCD screen helps you keep everything inside the frame, in order to take successful and professional shots.

Moving on to the next part. Working from home and being your own boss requires a lot of self-management. The way I like to do it is by specifying even the most mundane tasks of the day and keeping track of everything that happens in my day to day life.

I also do that in order to keep track of my productivity during the day. And make the most of my productive hours. I also like to set yearly, monthly and even daily goals. That way I keep track of them in order to feel accomplished and motivated all the time.

Now you probably got an idea what of the control freak I am. And how obsessed I am with planning. Don’t get wrong I am a very spontaneous girl and I LOVE keeping some parts of my life unplanned. But I strongly believe that when it comes to business, every goal that’s not backed up with a plan is just a mere dream.

Productivity and lifestyle


You will need a planner in order to plan your strategy. And the way you are thinking about monetizing your blog. CHECK OUT this beautiful planner from Amazon.

Note: ( there are plenty of ways to do that check out my blogpost on blog monetization).

I prefer manual planners over digital ones. They come in really handy. If a great idea of a blogpost pops in your mind, you grab your planner and literally write it down.

You can use a planner in different kind of ways, what I like to use my planners for:

  1. Setting daily, monthly and yearly goals.
  2. Brainstorming ideas.
  3. Thinking of new ways to add new streams of income.
  4. Writing motivational quotes.
  5. Making lists of the books I should read.

Weekly planner

A weekly planner is the greatest way to overview the things you need to accomplish for the week, schedule your activities, mark reminders and important events and also control your productivity and track your performance during the week.

I love this weekly planner from Amazon, the design is simple and minimalist which allows for more self expression and creativity

You can even track your habits through the week using this planner. Habit tracking is a great way to keep on checking on all the good habits you try to incorporate in your life. It’s a great way to introduce new healthy habits in your life. And also ditch old bad ones. A small little thing that can completely change your life and lead you to a better version of yourself.


The greatest way to accomplish things is by scheduling a head your week in a calendar. It helps you stay organized. And you don’t get easily overwhelmed with things to get done.

You can do this by using a digital calendar, for me I usually use this one.

Because I find it quite helpful and very easy to use.

You can also do it manually by buying cute calendars if you are more into manual writing (which I am too but I like to diversify the way I track my productivity)

This one from Amazon is super practical and very cute. This calendar is the perfect tool for long term planning, or for planning your month ahead. This calendar includes  a built-in hanging loop in order to display it in your office.

Creating to do lists

The best feeling in the world is when you check off all your tasks of the day from your to do list. Personally I like to do it both manually (usually when I turn my laptop off) and digitally (when working from my laptop).


I use cute and cheap to do-lists from Amazon.

I find this one super cute and practical because each page includes space for:

  • Today’s date.
  • Three top priorities of the day.
  • 30 other to-do list items.
  • Daily scheduling from 6am to 10pm.


I use a free chrome extension called Momentum. I love It so much because it helps me make to do lists very quickly, keeps me motivated throughout the day with mantras and quotes.

Decoration – Motivational part

Now it’s important to always motivate yourself because blogging is not easy, and it takes a lot of effort before actually seeing the results. One of the best ways to keep this motivation high is to decorate your room with motivational quotes.

Those mindset posters reminds me of my goals, keep me focused and on track even during the most stressful situations.


You’ve probably heard that if you want blogging to be a business and not just a hobby. You should be self-hosted. Free blogging platforms are great, but remember that they own your content and they have all the right to shut your blog down, there are also free blogging platforms that won’t let you monetize your content which is why you should consider being self-hosted.

Don’t worry! A self-hosted blog doesn’t cost that much, only $3.95 a month if you CLICK HERE. Bluehost is the best web hosting platform on the Internet, they offer a great service with the best prices ever.

Their service includes:

  1. Free domain name for the first year.
  2. Free SSL certificate.
  3. One click WordPress Install.
  4. 24/7 support.


Now for pictures if you feel like you are not ready to invest in a high priced camera and invest a lot of money from start. You can use this free resource called Unsplash, that offers high quality pictures for FREE.

I seriously love Unsplash and I get of the pictures I use in my blogpost from there, so I highly recommend you to start with that.

Blogging education

Now at that point you should understand that:

Starting a blog = Starting a business

But how could you start a business if you are not educated about it? The best way to learn something quickly is through books. So I highly recommend to read this blogpost about the best financial books that I’ve read so far.

Also there’s a ton of blogging related eBooks on Amazon that can help you understand a lot about blogging. They are generally written by professional bloggers that make up to 6 figures blogging.

My absolute favorite ones are:

The Essential Habits Of 6-Figure Bloggers by Sally Miller.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett.

Those are among the bestselling blogging books written by successful bloggers. They are easy to read and provide great insight on how to upgrade your blogging game and turn it into a profitable business that generates up to 6 figure income.

Hope you enjoyed reading about those tools, that I hope will improve your blogging journey, let me know in the comments below what are the tools you swear by when it comes to blogging.

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