Today, we will talk about blog niches that make money in 2020.

We all know that making your first dollars from your blog, is seriously one the most gratifying feelings in the world.

Seeing that all the late nights, the early mornings, and the sacrifices that you put into turning your blog into a PROFITABLE business are not gone into waste, is one the amazing feelings in the world that I hope for all of you to experience.

At this point you must have figured out that blogging is not an overnight kind of success. And that making money from your blog depends on a great scale to the niche you’ve chosen.

In this article I will try to go through blog niches that make money in 2020, and give you an approximate number on how much they earn.

But before diving into the 8 blog niches that make money in 2020 , let’s find out what a blog niche means?

Blog niches that make money:

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog to market to a particular niche market, which defines a product that aims to satisfy specific market needs.

Simply put, it’s the opposite of a general blog that talks about anything and everything. It’s a specific blog that focuses on blogging to a small determined audience.

For instance, cooking blogs are quite general. But when you are blogging about healthy recipes, you are in the niche blogging.

I hope it’s a little bit clearer.

Anyways, moving on to our topic, let’s find out what the 8 blog niches that make money in 2020.

Blog niches of 2020:

But first of all, don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that every blogging niche is profitable if you are ultimately passionate about it.

When you choose a niche you enjoy writing about, you literally create better content spontaneously, you enjoy crafting your work, making amazing pictures for it, updating it and so on. It just feels so light and the process is more enjoyable.

On the other side, when you choose a blog niche that makes money, but that sparks no interest in you, you will surely loose the motivation to keep going and you will fail.

So the secret formula to mastering blogging is surely this one:

Passion = Profit

When you are passionately blogging, you will SURELY find a way to turn that passion to profit. And that my friend is what I call the Mastery of blogging.

passionately blogging


blog niche: business

While this is one of the most competitive niches on the Internet, it is surely one of the most profitable.

When you own a business blog, there is a lot of topics you can write about. For instance, e-commerce strategies, digital marketing or dropshipping.

They are endless niches inside the business niche, that’s why I recommend you to do some research before jumping into blogging about any kind of business niches. Find out the niches with less competition, and go for it.

It is so crucial to look for the less competitive niches, since it’s really difficult for a beginner blogger to outstand the growing competition from bloggers who actually get it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to beat you down and say that you can’t make it as a beginner. No, actually it’s the opposite. I am here to motivate you and tell you how amazing beginnings are, since they are full of hope and excitement.

So embrace this phase and allow yourself to be a beginner.

Because weren’t we all beginners at one point of our lives?

Money making online:

You’ve kind of guessed it at this moment, making money online is no longer a secret held by few individuals. Instead, everybody knows that’s possible to use the Internet to make money, what most people don’t know is how to do that. Your mission will be to learn as much as possible about the world of money making online, consume as much as you can, dive into it and learn every piece of content related to that topic. So that when you will start a blog about money making, you will actually have a lot to talk about, and your readers will benefit from your knowledge. So it’s kind of a win-win situation. And we love it when everybody’s winning!

Health and fitness:

niche blog: health and fitness

This is a REALLY big industry. What’s good about big industries is that you can always find something to blog about, and again search for the less competitive niches. What I love about health and fitness is that people all over the world are going into this wave of taking care of their body, exercising more, eating healthier. And that’s a really positive thing, and I’m glad that people are getting more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Why not guide them throughout their journey to better their lives? My ultimate goal and the goal that I believe everyone should have in their lives is to make an income while impacting people’s life in a good way. And blogging about health and fitness is definitely one of the ways to achieve this goal.


This is actually one of the niches that drag the most traffic on the net. Why? Simply, because people all around the world are deciding to have children or already have children and need some advice to raise their children in the right way.

Parenting is so hard, especially when it is your first child and you have absolutely no clue on how you are supposed to act as a parent.

That’s why parenting blogs are important, they are here to solve this perpetual problem, that parents from all over the globe suffer for.

This niche is amazing, and there are several topics you can cover when it comes to parenting from pregnancy to parenting tips etc.


niche blog: DIY

For all the creative out there, this is the moment to unleash your creative potential worldwide. DIY blogs are surely one of the most viral content out there, especially when you combine quality content on your blog with a great Pinterest strategy to drive traffic. Want to know why? Well, simply because Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine. DIYs catch people’s attention in a crazy way, which means your traffic grows immediately. And when your traffic grows, your income follows.


niche blog: food

That’s the yuumy part about this article!

Food blogs are great, we’ve all googled recipes for at least one time in our lives, didn’t we? And guess from where did we take this recipe that we absolutely loved, and that we keep sharing on a daily basis with our friends?  Yes! You guessed it right! A food blog! Let’s take a moment to express how grateful we are for all the food blogs out there that are saving our lives, especially for those of you who can’t cook (Don’t worry, I am included too).

After this gratitude moment, let’s talk seriously about the difficulties of those food blogs. Now owning a food blog is amazing, especially if you love cooking and stuff. But monetizing a food blog is a little bit of a struggle. Because most of people who land on your blog, take the recipe and disappear! They unfortunately won’t make any purchase from your blog. But don’t let that discourage you from building the next successful food blog on the net! They are plenty of great ways to monetize your blog in the beginning. For instance, displaying ads, joining affiliate marketing programs, and writing sponsored posts. See? You can still thrive with a food blog!

Want to hear something greater? Well, when you will get the traffic you deserve for your killer content (aka thousands of readers a day), you can start selling your own products such as a new recipe you created, or maybe a recipe eBook.


blog niche: lifestyle

A lifestyle blog can discuss a range of topics that strongly depends on what inspires the blogger. For example, a blogger can combine travelling, fashion and beauty and call it a lifestyle blog since those are random fields that are not necessarily linked but are a part of the blogger’s lifestyle.

What’s amazing about this kind of blogs, is that you will never find yourself running out of ideas for your blog, since you are literally taking about something as vague as a lifestyle. The second amazing thing about this blogs are the opportunities that it can offer to you. For instance, a travel blogger can get a free, fully funded trips to anywhere in the world and a fashion blogger can get free products to promote on a blog. That’s extra opportunities they can have besides their monthly income.

Fashion and beauty:

Blog niche: fashion

Fashion and beauty blogs are profitable since they offer you a great rage of possible ways to monetize your blog, also those type of industries take advantage of the number of brands that keeps growing each day. So one the greatest ways to monetize your fashion or beauty blog is through collaborations. Brands are willing to pay money for you to promote their products on your platform. They are also willing to offer you products so that you can test them and see if you can share them with your community so that’s plus to the basic monetizing ways that we all know such as: displaying ads, affiliate marketing programs, selling eBooks and so on.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through this list, I hope this article helped you figure out what will you be blogging about. Hopefully, you will make up your mind and start THAT blog now.

I can’t wait to see you start your own blog and succeed in it, here is my beginners guide to start a profitable blog online. Check it out and if you love it, leave a comment down below, I would really appreciate it. And don’t forget to check this amazing blog post about: Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money (That Aren’t About Blogging Tips) for further insight.

And remember to:

Start now.

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