5 Financial books that will change your life:

Today we are going to talk about: financial education books.

We spend most of our lives working in order to make money, but how much time do we spend learning about it in financial books?

Very little or none.

We all know those kind of people who make and manage their money in an amazing way, like they were born with this insane ability, they’ve gained this ability through reading financial books. And other who don’t make that much money, and are not so well at managing the money they are making.

Why reading financial books is important?

Financial education is a skill that you can learn through financial books, research and practice. Educating one’s self on the subject, that’s how the most successful and wealthy people stay at the top of this game. Elon musk, Warren buffet and so many more learn about money so that they can have it on their side.

By investing in yourself and your knowledge you will finally learn the rules of money:

How to generate it? to invest it? to spend it? And finally how to save it?

Basically reading can help you learn all the secrets of money from the starting point which is making it until the saving part.

The books I am going to share with you today are books that I personally love, and that helped me change my perspective about money. They are also easy to read financial books, that require no expertise in the business/ finance industry. Everyone could grasp the points of each one of this books easily.

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So let’s dive into it:

Rich dad poor dad BY ROBERT KYOSAKI

In this book Robert talks about the two perspective about money he had from two different dads, the rich dad which was actually his friend’s dad and the other one was his own father.

Growing up with two different dads, as Robert used to say in his book, allowed him to personally observe how people shape their life through their own thoughts, especially their thoughts about money. Some work for money as his dad did and others make money work for them, which was the case of his best friend’s dad.

This book has helped me gain the main of financial education by going in depth explaining concepts such as assets, liability, income, expenses, investment and so on…

The 4-hour work week BY TIM FERRIS

Financial books

The ultimate guide to work less and live more. This book gives great insight on how to work smart not hard, jumping into action instead of wasting your time on overthinking every detail. He also provided in this book the great idea of mini-retirements, and the way to trade a long career for short one and frequent mini-retirements.

This book gives you all the information you need to know in order to find the balance you need between life and work, and live a happy life.

The power of broke by DAYMOND JOHN

I’ve just finished this book and let me just tell you how amazing and eye-opening this book is. It basically suggests that being broke can either break you or it can give you that push to start. Because when you really have nothing to lose, you absolutely have everything to gain.

He also opens up about how to turn this power into your advantage for you in business, because being broke forces you to be aggressive, resourceful and creative. Coming from the bottom line you strongly believe that there’s no way to go but up, you left yourself no other options but to succeed and make it work.

Throughout the book you will discover successful entrepreneurs who didn’t have that much when they first started, and how they turned this to their advantage.

I gained so much insight from this book, and learned a lot about the power of goal setting and how setting high standards for yourself can only leave you frustrated and disappointed at the end. While lowering your standards might cause you to leave behind amazing opportunities. The conclusion is that you should always think what’s within reach, and then reach a little more. And back it up with a plan, and start executing.

I also loved the part where he explained that business ideas are all done. There’s no brand new ideas, but rather new ways to execute those ideas.   

Think and grow rich BY NAPOLEON HILL

This is the most famous success book of all the time. This book provides insight on the psychological power of thought and its important role in the process of driving riches into our lives.

The way to become rich, for Napoleon Hill, is by changing our minds first, and becoming money conscious.

Throughout the book he used the generic term ‘riches’ that includes not only money, but also happiness, healthy relationships and successful business and so on…

This book is literally a state of mind. The way you should be thinking if you want to attract whatever you want in life. It showcases the power of desire into turning a thought into reality, how thoughts can be transmuted into physical reality when they are backed up with desire.

To get where you want to be the author’s suggestion is the following:

“Never quit. Never give up. Focus. Seek help. Make new connections. Take different approaches. Seek additional resources to help you improve your job search skills. Persist and find people who can help you to achieve your goals.”

I just love reading it each time I think of quitting or giving up. It gives me a sudden boost of persistence that helps me keep going. And that’s why books are important, they are here to make us feel less alone.

The millionaire next door by THOMAS STANLEY

This book changes our perspective on how millionaires actually live, it goes in depth into how people who achieve great fortune through hard work and perseverance live their day to day lives, by looking through the good habits and the mistakes of the average millionaire.

This is a must read if you want to become a millionaire one day (who doesn’t) and you are seeking inspiration to follow this path.

financial books

Hope you enjoy this short list of financial books, I surely had an amazing time reading them and absorbing the financial wisdom written on them. Those five books really shifted my perspective on money, I hope they would do the same for you.

If you’ve already read one of those books, let me know on the comments down below, I would be more than happy to know which one of this books stimulated you brain, and the parts you enjoyed reading the most.

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