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Successful blogs, a dream we all wish we can make true one day. But you can’t achieve that without having one already, right?

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If you are like me and when starting a successful blog, you were asking yourself the same exact question as I did :

What do six-figure bloggers aka successful blogs have in common?


What traits do successful blogs that make money all share?

How do successful blogs work?

I remember back then before starting my own blog, I started looking at what successful blogs were doing in order to earn that much money. I was trying to gain as much information as possible before starting out to make sure success in my blogging journey is inevitable.

When I say “that much money” I am really talking about making 6 figures or more monthly blogging. I come up with a surprising and interesting discovery when I started searching for that. And suddenly my view become abundantly clear very quickly, and that is that there are only two ways that 99% of six figures bloggers, end up making their money in the long term.

It’s very eye opening to know more about their success, and how far they’ve come before having those successful blogs.

Behind the big success of those bloggers is actually only: two ways.

So before diving into the subject of the TWO WAYS bloggers make money from, I want to clarify what a blogger means.

Bloggers vs. Publishers


A blogger is someone like you and me, sitting there at your home watching your computer right now, hopefully taking notes. And planning your next blogging move, some content, some new products whatever. That’s what I mean by a blogger.


Somebody who’s not a blogger anymore are people who considered publishers. Publishers are people pumping out five, ten or even twenty articles per day. What they basically do is pay other people to do the content creating and what they do is the publishing part.

So when I am referring to a blogger I am referring to somebody like you and me who does the content creation by themselves, who is going to be able to post two or three articles a week, depending on how fast they write and edit their content and how much time they dedicate to content writing. So I am referring to BLOGGERS who make six figures a month ( and yes that’s possible ) and how they do it.

Here is the two ways that all six figures bloggers implement to make money:

Affiliate marketing.

Selling their own products.

Affiliate marketing:

For successful high earners bloggers, they don’t do affiliate marketing the way we do it. Their long term is big, so they play big from the start.

Successful bloggers tend to target: High priced affiliate marketing products.

Why targeting high priced products?

The reason behind this choice is to make big commission from each sold item.

We are talking about a range of products from cameras, equipment, hosting. Those are the sort of products that have a high priced commission to them.

 Selling their own products:

Creating a product and selling it online is a must for successful blogs, because selling online successfully has also never been more lucrative.

What about ads?

I do want to address what I stated before about publishers, the only exceptions that pull on multiple millions of visitors per day and have hundreds of thousands of published contents.

So when talking about something like BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a massive company which is considered as a publisher.

And here is the big difference between you and me and BuzzFeed. A great number of posts are created on a daily basis on BuzzFeed.

They are publishing at an insane rate; they might be publishing up to a hundred post on a daily basis which is completely insane.

So for a publisher, it is a lot easier to make 6 figures or even 7 figures through advertising. If they are publishing a ton of content. Same goes for HuffPost and TechCrunch.

On the other hand, this isn’t really an option for bloggers. It’s unrealistic to create that much of content in a single day.

Now I am going to show you ten successful blogs that are solid examples in different niches that really make this 6 figures blogging:

Smart Passive Income

Smart passive income: successful blog

Many of you know Pat Flynn. He’s been a great example of continuous dedication, blogging for 8 years is not easy, so if that is not a strong example of how long term dedication pays off at the end, then I don’t know what it is. Everyone says that he is the most authentic, nice genuine guy, who is all about giving value. And god knows how much value he has provided to the blogging world.

Pat Flynn’s blog is all about teaching people small techniques that they can use to start an online business to gain a passive income. So if that’s your goal, go check out his blog to get some really interesting strategies on how to perfectly run a business online.

He makes the majority of his money selling high priced affiliate products. His highest income month, where he sold his own digital products, reached more than 150,000 $ in January 2017 and he is definitely making a lot more nowadays.

Making sense of cents

Making sense of cents: successful blog

Many of you also know Michelle and her personal finance blog, she is also doing pretty well and earning a 6 figures income monthly. She makes the majority of her income through selling high priced affiliate products and she also sells her own digital products, her own course on teaching people how to sell via affiliate marketing.

Learning Herbs

Learning herbs: successful blog

John and Kimberly Gallagher started this blog since 2005, sharing simple ways to infuse healing herbs into our day to day life. They make more than 200,000 $/month teaching people how to incorporate herbs into their daily lives. They also sell digital products, a membership program, they sold a board game for kids about learning herbs. This is one of the greatest examples that you can actually make money from any niche if you are truly passionate about it. So instead of searching for a niche that you can make a ton of money from, search for your passion, and money will follow.

Making money from a blog is seriously not about the niche itself, but rather about how creative you are in term of monetization.

Just a Girl and Her Blog

Just a girl with her blog: successful blog

Abby Lawson created her blog back in January 2013 and slowly turned it into a family business, her husband Donnie joined her blogging journey. Now they both blog full time. It’s a lifestyle blog, where she talks about her life and herself. The people who came to her blog are truly interested in her lifestyle, and maybe want to have the same exact life as her, so that’s basically what she is teaching them.

She also teaches people things as how to start a blog and gives some free courses to bloggers.

She makes the majority of her income from selling digital products and printable, and reached an income of 41,700$ December 2016, the last time she uploaded her last income report, making 6 figures or even 7 figures income per month.

Digital Photography School

digital photography school: successful blog

Darren Rowse, you might know him as the owner of Pro-blogger, created his second six figures blog on digital photography, one of his passions. He sells affiliate products such as cameras which means that he gains a high commission per each sale. He also sells courses: (courses on getting better at taking photos), and also eBooks.

Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa griffin: successful blog

Melyssa Griffin blogs about how to make money online, it’s more of a blog for entrepreneurs. She is really good at what she does, she is able to sell very high priced courses to her audience and very high priced affiliate products.

Horkey handbook

Photography blog Horkey handbook

Gina Horkey sells services. She is a freelance writer, living proof that whatever you are good at in life, don’t do it for free. Her blog is all about helping her students become virtual assistants. VA is her main source of revenue. She also writes for some well known publishers. She was earning back in December 2016 about 20,492$. Now she has definitely upgraded her game to 6 or maybe even 7 figures a month.

Fluent in 3 months

fluent in 3 months

Benny built his six-figure blog on helping people learning new languages in 3 months. So it’s basically a learning languages blog. This blog has been featured on The 4-Hour Body, The New York Times and many others. He also makes the majority of his income selling digital products and services.

Timothy Sykes

Timothy sykes: successful blog

Timothy built up a huge blog teaching his students how to become millionaires selling penny stocks. He makes 7 figures with his business. Really knows the Instagram game as well, and does a great job marketing himself on Instagram as well. The majority of his income doesn’t come from selling penny stocks, but rather from teaching people via his online courses how to sell penny stocks. His income comes from the products he has created.

Cal Newport

cal newport

Another great example that shows a different niche and market. For some of you who wants to start as a blogger but their end game is being an author. Cal Newport started his blog about study hacks, that teaches student how to be better at school. Over the time, he leveraged his blog into creating bestselling books like Deep Work and an amazing book called So Good They Can’t Ignore You.

This list can seriously be endless, I tried to keep it at 10 because I know that it’s going to be repetitive, since all these successful bloggers have things in common. You’ve probably noticed that they exactly do the same thing but in their own creative way.

So if you want to make a full time income blogging. This is what you are going to need to do. You are going to figure out a way to sell high priced affiliate products, and figure out a way to create and sell your own digital or physical products.  

Things like ads and sponsored posts are other sources of low income monetization methods, which are occasionally used and end up being supplemental to the bulk of their income. Ads and sponsored posts are rarely going to net you anywhere close to the same income as you can make creating your own products.

 So if you want to become a successful blogger you need to begin with a long term goal in mind. Make sure this goal is as big as it could get, let it scare you and excite at the same time. And then


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